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Month: August 2016

My Favourite Book

My favourite book is The Cat In The Hat By Dr Seuss. It is my favorite book because it is funny and shows humor.  It’s funny because the cat can balance on a ball,  while holding lots of things like a fish in a bowl, milk in a glass and a cake on a plate.

My favorite part is when the cat was holding lots of things and then he fell on his head and dropped everything and made a big mess. Then the cat bought Thing one and Thing two and they made even more mess. My favorite sentence is

Then I let down my net,

It came down with a PLOP!

And I had them! At last!

Those two Things had to stop.

Then I said to the cat,

“Now you do as I say.

You pack those Things

And you take them away!”

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On Monday 15th August, it was a beautiful sunny day and all the 3/4’s went on an Excursion to the Botanical Gardens and Federation Square.

Firstly we went to the Botanical Gardens and a tour guide showed us around. Then we had recess on a grassy hill near where we just parked the bus. After recess, the lady showed us around again and we saw a sign it said hug a tree and tell it a secret so I did!

Then we found out more about Indigenous Australia. We did an activity to learn how Indigenous Australians made string baskets. We chose a partner and did this with a string. We twisted it two times and the we put it over the top the string while your partner put their finger up.

Then she started to talk about Indigenous Australia again. Then we made our own pattern by painting but we had to make the paint. It was fun but then I lost mine while we were walking back to our bags! Then we washed our hands and started eating. After  lunch we went to Federation Square in the city. We learnt more about Indigenous Australia. Firstly we looked at pictures about Indigenous Australians then we read some Information. After that we went outside and looked at more pictures. Then we went back in and looked at Indigenous Australia. We looked at things like boomerangs, Skinned coat and weapons. Then we said Goodbye and thank you and when back to school.

The End

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